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Yealmpton Primary School

Yealmpton Primary School

About Us

Welcome to Yealmpton Primary School,

As Head Teacher, I believe in the Yealmpton family and am passionate in my commitment to making the school develop and grow. My team all work hard to develop and promote effective relationships with parents and I am passionate about making the Yealmpton Primary School family a happy one. The children are our most precious resource. The focus of school is always on the children and decisions are made with their wellbeing and progress always at the forefront.

In my role I have an ambitious drive to secure high-quality teaching and learning to meet the needs of all learners, raising attainment and achievement. The priority is to ensure there are high expectations for staff and there is a relentless focus on improving teaching and learning and the implementation of the Yealmpton Curriculum. I hold a belief in the curriculum as the gateway to knowledge acquisition. A rich, ambitious and carefully sequenced curriculum is at the heart of allowing children to flourish and succeed. Such a curriculum, I believe, is the entitlement of all children. As a team we have a clear and ambitious vision for providing high-quality education to all pupils, linked closely to the school vision and shared values, which are a golden thread through all aspects of school life. We all work hard to grow and embed a positive mind-set in school, not just with children but with all the Yealmpton family.

I am honoured to be Head Teacher of such a wonderful school and look forward to you joining me on the journey,

Rob Pepper
Head teacher


Aims and Vision

We care passionately about our children’s education and go the extra mile to help every child reach their full potential. Our staff are highly committed to teaching stimulating and engaging lessons, concentrating on making sure that children acquire all basic skills, as well as stretching every child with our rich curriculum.

We are committed to providing an excellent education for your child, ensuring they enjoy their learning, achieve and make progress, supported by a strong moral ethos and high standards of behaviour. It is important, we believe, to celebrate individual achievement and recognise the potential of everyone.

'Being the Best you can Be - the BEST version of you' is our school motto and is at the heart of our ethos and positive ‘can-do ‘approach to learning.

Curriculum - Culture - Community

Curriculum, Culture and Community are the foundations behind everything we do in school.

We aim to develop:

  • Successful learners who achieve high personal standards and make progress through developing their skills, knowledge and personal qualities - Curriculum
  • Confident individuals who have high self-esteem, foster good relationships, respect others and care for their community - Culture
  • Responsible citizens who show values of responsibility, respect, co-operation and understanding about their contribution to society - Community

School Values

Our 5 Bs - Be Kind, Be Fair, Be Positive, Be Respectful, Be responsible

Our teaching approach works with promoting our key values. This creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement, and develops the children’s social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives. Our 5Bs facilitate the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable our children to develop as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. The positive learning environment is achieved through the positive values modelled by the staff throughout school. It develops the children’s social and emotional well-being and equips them with social and relationship skills, intelligences and attitudes to succeed at school and throughout their lives.

WeST Values

Alongside our school values, we promote the WeST values of - 

Collaboration, Aspiration, Integrity and Compassion


We believe the curriculum is the most important vehicle for raising attainment and achievement in school. It is a process, not a product, that we continually strive to develop through collaborative design of content, choice and sequencing. The acquisition and retaining of knowledge to long term memory is of paramount importance. To achieve this, we use the 4 Cs -

Consistent, Coherent, Connected, Challenge

We use these as golden threads for our curriculum design. We have a firm belief that we should -

C - have a consistent approach across school

C - there should be clear cohesion - small steps progression - in years and across year groups    

C - curriculum and learning should be connected with prior learning and across subjects to ensure children are recapping, embedding and cementing their understanding to long term memory

C -  challenge for all children on their own journeys through education

Equality Statement

At Yealmpton Primary School we are committed to providing equality of opportunity for all pupils and staff and a working environment which is free from discrimination, prejudice and harassment. We encourage respect and consideration for others, and recognise and value the school as a safe place for learning. The staff at Yealmpton Primary recognise that inequalities exist in all levels of society and believe that, as educators, we have a crucial role to play in eliminating racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination. We can promote equality by dealing with bullying, racial abuse and sexism immediately and by educating the young people in our care without prejudice. For more information, please see our equality policy which is available on request.